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About me

I am a doula located in the Kansas City area, but I do many virtual meetings so I meet you where you are. I have 2 children and a 3rd on the way, I love pregnancy and birth. It is empowering and beautiful to create life and here we celebrate that! Some times this journey can be challenging but through mindfulness and respect for our bodies we can get through it together! 

It's not PAIN it's POWER

So what's a doula

A doula is a partner. A doula helps you navigate your journey into parenthood. A doula helps you set goals, and build a plan to reach those goals. A doula supports you through many non-medical avenues, and helps you advocate for yourself. A doula is a friend, someone to lean on and trust that they will be there for you through any struggles you make face during this journey. A doula is a gentle and supportive touch, assisting in pain management techniques and creating the perfect birth space for you.

A doula is not - A medical professional, and does not perform medical tasks or give medical advice. A doula can present you with evidence based information but you should always make medical decisions for yourself/with your medical provider.

I breathe in love, I breathe out fear

Breathe Birth & Beyond Kansas City, KS 66106
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